Swapping Out Press Bushings

Hornady Lock N’ Load bushing swap

Here’s how to swap out the press bushings on your Hornady Lock N Load AP Progressive press if you have defective press bushings:

First things first you will receive a package from Hornady containing five new press bushings. Keep all of those to the side to avoid mixing them with the old ones.

1. Remove all items from the press bushings. Pictured: empty press bushings with some press bushings completely removed to preview the end result.

View of top of press with three bushings removed

Using a die to remove a bushing2. Take any die that has a lock ring with flat sides for a wrench and very tightly fasten it into a die bushing with aide of the press. Insert this into an empty press bushing you want to remove without locking it down as normal. The die should not rotate CCW as its paws will be in contact with those of the press bushing.

3. With a crescent wrench, firmly rotate the die in the press bushing in a counter-clockwise motion. The press bushing is in rather tightly but it will come loose quickly. If you did not tighten down the lock ring onto the die you are using it will come lose before the press bushing does. Try try again.

Bushing removal

4. Repeat this process for all the press bushings you wish to remove. In this case that means all of them. The result is a press without press bushings and a handful of defective press bushings.

Empty bushing plate

Removed bushings