Lee Enfield

The Lee Enfield Rifle

An Introduction and Collection of Useful Information

to Collectors, Shooters, and Reloaders of the

Venerable 303 British Cartridge

The Enfield in my collection may have been made several decades before I was born but like all surplus rifles –they’re new to whoever currently has it. The rifle in question is a 1942 US Property marked Savage-Stevens Lee Enfield No 4 Mk I with a Union of South Africa stamping above the chamber to signify its lend-lease status. Since my purchase of this rifle I’ve been on a quest to find information relevant to it both for history, and technical aspects such as shooting and reloading its cartridge.

History of the Lee Enfield




I have found the Wikipedia page’s reference section to be particularily interesting. If you wish to have hard-copies of the referred texts, I would recommend the Lee Enfield books by Charles R. Stratton, and those by Ian D. Skennerton. Skennerton’s main Lee Enfield book is becoming increasingly expensive and hard to find but there is usually at least one source for it on Amazon.com.